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Sequencing as Embodied Story: Vinyasa Krama

Sat., March 10, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

All the universe unfurls and moves in an order, through stages and sequences we come to see as the evolution and development of a particular experience. In our Yoga practice, we can use sequence and order to evoke and invoke new experiences, greater awareness, and expanded horizon lines. While sequencing often suggests the choreography of the physical practices of Yoga, fluency in krama goes deeper than the postures. Through asana, we invite ourselves to reveal and heal, to revise and recalibrate. Join Jessica Patterson for this workshop on sequencing, through the language and art of vinyasa krama. We will introduce and untangle some of the guiding principles that allow us to move through the stages of our journey–on and off the mat–consciously and artfully, with equal parts steadiness and discovery.

Sequencing Workshop Pass

Open to teachers of yoga, those in training, and any practitioner with an interest in sequencing practice. 

From simple to complex, how to integrate the elements of challenge in stages, why you don’t mix certain postures within a stage, neutralizing and countering, balancing challenge with ease, “peak” poses, energetic arcs, themes, transitions, and more.

Vinyasa doesn’t just mean “flow.” It means to place in a particular order, like you mean to do it. It suggests conscious placement and an order wherein the separate parts are linked together. Krama means sequence or succession, and it points to the whole arc of a sequence as well as the stages within it and because of it that allow an unfolding vs an arrival. In this sense, all our lives can be a vinyasa–a conscious, uninterrupted flow between and among known forms, feelings, and horizons. And the succession and sequence of those moments is shaped in part by what (and how) they are linked together. 

What is the story that is being told, healed, expressed, or explored in a sequence? What stages are necessary and what stages inform the next step? How do we meet ourselves where we are now while honoring where we have been?

In this workshop, we will explore the principles and artistry of intelligent sequencing that allows practitioners to go on a journey, a sequence of experiences that are connected by something more than rote method, habit, or preference/aversion. Rather than collapse sequencing into mere mechanics, we will invite into the conversation the full spectrum of our being–the subtle and the gross, the macro and the micro. We will consider themes, anatomical focus, “peak” poses, and other architectures to shape how and what we practice. You will leave with greater confidence and vision about the why, how, and what of practice.


Sat., March 10, 2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies
617 N 17th Street, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 United States
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