Allison Janssen

Yoga and I were first introduced in 2010, as a team exercise in the last year of my undergraduate study and towards the end of my career as a collegiate athlete. In looking back on my first yoga practice, I can only clearly remember four things: the peaceful demeanor of the man who taught us, the oddity of kapalabhati breath, how curious the practice left me and how I immediately yearned to learn more.

Our relationship built slow and steady, as many good things do. Then in January 2012, I moved from Switzerland to Thailand and found a home studio for my daily practice. No sooner, my mat became my sanctuary and self-classroom. It became the place where I found both stability within and connection to all that is. And over the next few years, as I traveled around Europe and Asia, met my love Rob and together created a wandering lifestyle, my practice continued to foster so much personal growth. So, when the opportunity to intensify my practice and study of yoga came, I took it, completing my 200 hour YTT with Ella Luckett in Koh Lanta, Thailand in May 2015.

As a teacher, I am driven and influenced by my own experience in yoga, my deep connection to our earth, my teachers, peers, and world travels. I teach only what I know, so my classes reflect my personal practice, utilizing tools from different lineages, such as ParaYoga, Ashtanga and a bit of Kundalini mixed in. Moreover, I am a big fan of voice activation and believe that it empowers each of us to speak and live our truth, so do expect a bit of that in every class! Having just moved to Colorado Springs with my husband in late September, I am super excited to share community, the love of yoga and laughter with you all!

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