Chrissie Wessel

Chrissie came to yoga in 2006 through a college course during her senior year of college at Indiana University. What was meant to be an easy class turned out to be the beginning of a life-altering journey. Stress relief turned into magic somewhere between 2008 and 2009 when Chrissie felt herself waking up to her life. She felt more alive, more aware, and like her capacity for joy had expanded. She was absolutely thrilled with the practice and felt the need to share it with others begin to grow. Chrissie received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Nature Yoga in Chicago in 2013.

In Chrissie’s class you’ll enjoy calming your mind through conscious breath (pranayama), cultivating gratitude in your life to help focus your energy intentionally, and practicing appropriately challenging physical poses (asana). Chrissie’s intention in class is to offer a supportive environment for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to connect with their individual potential. She utilizes principles of trauma-informed yoga to create a space for self-care, healing, and intuition. Chrissie recognizes that you are your most important teacher and she’s here to empower you to become your clearest, brightest self.

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