Leah McQuade

Leah McQuade

Leah is a creative, passionate, and vibrant soul who spends countless hours collecting information, expanding her knowledge, and gaining experiences. Sharing this information is her gift and service to the world.

Leah found yoga back in 2002 while in college. Her practice would ebb and flow throughout the years until a multitude of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues rocked her to the core. Yoga became a refuge in these difficult times; a safe place to explore feelings and be inside her own body.

With consistency, yoga ultimately lead to feelings of contentment and peace; feeling at home in her own body for the first time.

As an experienced yoga teacher, Leah guides others in the healing powers of yoga so you too can heal from the inside out.

Recently, she spent 16 months traveling around the world. It’s on this Heroine’s Journey where she found her own awakening. She was lucky enough to find multiple teachers and mentors along the way who pushed her to be the biggest and best version of herself.

Leah has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy specializing in women’s health. She has many hours of training and certifications in Shaman practices, Thai yoga massage, and is an experienced yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance.

Her biggest love is blending all her experiences and knowledge to guide yoga students in a unique yoga practice that takes yoga beyond the mat for a deeper and richer experience. Yoga, after all, is more than just the poses.

You can find Leah on Sunday evenings for Chakra Flow and Yin and Meditation. Please check out her website http://leahmcquade.com to find out more about online training, local workshops, or to schedule 1:1 or group learning sessions.

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