Marisa Youngblood

I’m a mama of two little ones, and was born and raised in beautiful Colorado.

I’m passionate about walking alongside others in their growth journey. I began on the path of becoming a trauma-informed yoga facilitator in the midst of stumbling through my own journey of post traumatic growth after years of built up unaddressed trauma-and was astounded by the power of my own strength I found along the way. It was so powerful for my journey, I immediately knew it was something I needed to share with the world and have set off on the journey to become a Yoga Therapist in training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

As a trauma-informed yoga facilitator, I get to create a safe environment for people to simply be at home within their own bodies during our time together. Through a combination of breathwork, meditation, and gentle movement, I teach ways to calm the nervous system, find autonomy within the self, and be empowered to make conscious decisions to cultivate an environment of self-healing and strength while removing shame and releasing inner judgement/ fear.

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