Imbolc Chakra Tuning

Chakra TuningCelebrate the coming of Spring through this powerful practice, designed to purify mind, body, and spirit for all that you seek to grow this year.

Sunday Feb 1
PRE-REGISTER for $35 and sign up.

**PLEASE NOTE: this event fills up QUICKLY. To attend, you MUST pre-register at the Tula site above! THANK YOU!
$45 after Jan 25th!

Chakra tuning is a specific and effective method of clearing blocks within the subtle body that give rise to the dis-ease, imbalance, and despair we experience (and reinforce) in our bodies, perceptions, and relationships. Through integrated techniques and focused intention, we journey inward to reveal the seeds that are buried deep below our habits of thought, word, and action.

Join us for this very special Rootwork event, designed to facilitate healing and transformation for the spring and all you are creating. Our time together will include a 1-hour introductory lecture on subtle anatomy and the season of Imbolc with emphasis on the power of intention, followed by a powerful 2 hour Chakra Tuning practice that will illuminate each energetic center through devotion, chanting, pranayama, challenging asana, meditation, and deep rest.

Imbolc (or Brighid’s Day) is the halfway point between winter solstice and the vernal equinox, and so it heralds the coming of spring. It’s the perfect time to prepare for growth and renewal. Brighid is the Irish goddess of hearth and home. She tends the sacred flame of the inner abode, fueling our inspiration and creativity. Through the purifying practices of asana, bija mantra, and intention, we honor Brighid’s gift of spring renewal.