Individualized Yoga Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, & Sadhana Guidance


Photo by Christian Murdock

We are devoted to supporting EVERY individual in reclaiming and embodying a sense of wholeness, clarity, and peace. No matter who you are, we offer sanctuary and the space to do the healing work of yoga at Root. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, depression or anxiety, addiction, lifestyle imbalances, disrupted sleep, disordered eating, low self esteem, or grief, or just want to deepen your practice of yoga in a more personalized way, Root can provide you with customized and empowering programs that meet you where you are.

We start with the yogic precept that you are already whole, not someone or something that is broken and needs to be “fixed.” In the service of that recognition, we employ the techniques and practices of yoga to empower each person as they re-integrate and call themselves home. Under the guidance of Root Director and Certified Yoga Therapist, Jessica Patterson, our team of yoga therapists are passionate about providing the deepest and most relevant work in their areas of expertise. For more information, please email us at

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