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The RootMentoring Program was inspired by a broader vision of what it is to be a teacher of Yoga. Determined to support yoga teachers in accessing and developing their unique body of work with confidence and integrity, we reject the approach of mere memorization or reproduction of a method. Rather, we are committed to providing a nurturing yet challenging experience that ultimately calls each teacher into their authentic voice and offerings. While a mentor is an experienced teacher who is willing to take you under her/his wing, the relationship is built upon mutual respect and genuine care; it’s not about you becoming a franchise of someone else’s work. Mentoring should empower, inspire, and challenge us to step more honestly and confidently into the seat of the teacher (no matter in what form or forum that arises).

Mentoring can be a profound way to bridge the daunting gap we so often feel between the intensity/depth of our training(s) and the embodied translation of that wisdom into a teaching practice that feels authentic, relevant, and meaningful. With personalized guidance, community, and devoted encouragement to dig deep and get real, mentees will transition from an ordinary instructor into a bonafide Yoga teacher. While we learn so much through formal teacher trainings, we also tend to lose sight of the nuances, subtleties, and organic interconnections of experience that might resonate within and through us in a more meaningful, intuitive way. In fact, developing your intuition of the innerteacher is the real “root” of the program. Becoming the teacher you really are is the point.

RootMentoring offers direct support to you as you develop a broad range of skills (on and off the mat) that honor and embody the integrity of the teachings of Yoga—through you, AS you. So, you aren’t just parroting teachings; you become an embodiment of the teachings, and thus a far more potent and REAL teacher. In addition to exploration and application of practical skills like hands on assisting and sequencing, mentees will be delving into other critical philosophies and considerations of teaching, including skillful communication, personal practice, developing genuine confidence, accessing and directing your prana, creating sacred space, integrating pranayama and meditation practices into your offerings, private student sessions, managing injuries, creating boundaries, navigating relationships, teaching to large groups, business and marketing, and cultivating a powerful PRESENCE (in person, in the classroom, in social media forums, and in your community).

You will receive personalized, thoughtful feedback and guidance as you refine your skills, deepen your knowledge of Yoga, strengthen your personal practice, and develop your authentic voice and body of work so that you can more confidently transmit as a teacher. While the homework will be rigorous, it will also be relevant. Each assignment will give you a way to engage with and develop a more conscious and confident relationship with the material you are studying.

Further, as part of the RootMentoring community, you will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, give and receive support, and be seen, heard, and held by peers as the unique individual you are. Too often we fall into old paradigms of competition, comparison, homogenization, or isolation. Your RootMentoring group will provide a nurturing and safe space that fosters vulnerability, courage, creativity, sincerity, and humility as you discover and grow together—all keys to being a “good” teacher of Yoga.

Mentees will gain invaluable experience through the monthly Mentoring Class that introduces the focus and homework for that month. These classes are specifically designed for mentees to dig into topics that will frame all you do that month, because what we lean into for a long time we come to know well. Furthermore, in that in-depth study and focus, we often learn so much and begin to really meet ourselves. Beyond the class, your mentee group will gather on an online forum to discuss, ask questions, reflect, and digest what is arising for you as you delve into the monthly focus.

The Details

RootMentoring offers direct, intimate support for new and experienced teachers, and the program can be done from anywhere (remotely, locally, or a combination)

To begin, you must apply (see Application Details below) and schedule a 1:1 conversation with the Director to gauge goals and develop a Mentoring Agreement that details your plan and course of study.

While the complete program consists of a full year, mentees can begin in a particular Seasonal Cycle. Everyone is encouraged to do the full year of mentoring, but each season will itself offer a cohesive program of self study and growth.

RootMentoring is composed of three Seasonal Cycles that will include FOUR (roughly one per month) 2-2.5-hour long Mentoring Classes that you can attend in person, live stream, and/or access later through the online course portal. Seasonal themes and monthly topics will vary each year, often framed by the requests of current mentees. And your specific areas of study/focus will be outlined within your Agreement.

Spring 2020 Dates: all times in MST
Feb 11, 1-3pm (online only)
March 12, 2-4pm (live at Root or online)
April 9, 2-4pm (live at Root or online)
May 7, 2-4pm (live at Root or online)

The program will:

  • Support you in your individual studies of Yoga according to the goals we outline together in your Mentoring Agreement (a “plan” that helps us structure what is most relevant and meaningful to you in this season, to be completed in a 1:1 meeting with Director before beginning your mentoring program)
  • Help clarify the “Why?” and from that offer appropriate direction and support on the “How” and “What” within the context of your education/training
  • Counsel and offer guidance around development/evolution of a committed, consistent HOLISTIC personal practice that integrates the embodied, energetic, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of where you are at this time.
  • Support you in identifying and navigating the dharma of a teacher and your specific, authentic journey as you are called into the seat of the teacher—in whatever forum and form that is for you at this time.
  • Offer monthly rich and thoughtful teachings to challenge, inspire, and deepen your understanding and transmission of Yoga.
  • Provide intelligent and seasoned guidance in navigating obstacles and challenges that often arise as a teacher (ex/ business of yoga, the teacher-student relationship, ethics, etc.)
  • Guide you with sincere care and unflinching integrity as you develop your professional career (including the skillful use of social media to promote your work, teaching at multiple locations, understanding independent contractor agreements, etc.).
  • Identify appropriate opportunities for you to assist in classes or workshops
  • Review and provide useful feedback from live or video recordings of your classes/offerings as part of your mentoring Plan.
  • Deepen your collaborative skills in leadership within your groups and as an honored part of the broader Root community.

Mentees will:

  • Attend (in person or online) the Monthly Mentoring classand successfully answer the Prompt Questions and Exam given for each module
  • Complete the homework for each module, including readings, writing, and pursuit of other resources/research; participate and contribute to monthly discussions on online forum; integrate monthly teachings authentically into your own offerings; record/review your offerings each month with Director; develop a final project (Horizon Lines) to help you define, visualize, and breathe life into your goals as a teacher of Yoga
  • Schedule monthly 1:1 session with Director (online or in person) to reflect, discuss, ask questions, refine and deepen into the support of your teaching/offerings, and review submissions of your work with specific areas of focus. This is the heart of your mentoring program.
  • Develop and maintain a DAILY, consistent personal practice that includes meditation, pranayama, and asana. Mentees will submit weekly Reflections Journal to Director
  • Attend 14 classes in a season, (can be done anywhere) and complete Observation Forms in light of specific focus each month
  • Work with your Mentor Buddy (a partner) to discuss and develop new questions/insights. Mentor buddies will give you an opportunity to develop a collegial context in which you can process the module and help shape what arises from there.
  • Move your Horizon Line: together we will explore what challenge lies ahead for you—where you might feel uncertain or nervous, where you want to develop greater confidence or experience. This Horizon Line project will help you define and visualize your goals as a teacher. Each individual will develop a project based on the process of mentoring throughout the year.
  • Cultivate and consistently offer your most authentic Self in your presence, study, and transmission of Yoga.

Why RootMentoring?

Albert Einstein wrote, “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” In that spirit, RootMentoring is not about reinforcing a particular method or imposing upon a teacher one approach. The point is to empower YOU to develop greater confidence as you deepen into your voice and transmission of the teachings. Our joint focus will be to cultivate the questions and conditions that allow you to discover your own  way. This is NOT about indoctrinating you to be the franchise of a style or method; this is about resourcing yourself to shine and grow as the teacher you already are.

Through being seen and known, heard and held, the direct support you get in RootMentoring is entirely personal and empowering.

To apply, email us at with “RootMentoring” in the subject to request application and meeting.