The true teacher dwells within and around you at all times, in all beings, and in all situations. The more we practice seeing the guru in our lives, the more receptive we become to the teachings. The more receptive we are to all our teachers in all their forms, the more brilliantly the teacher within us begins to shine. That is our nature, and all the guru can really do is help reveal and remind us of our true nature. I have come to see that the only true job of the teacher is to see the divine, perfect, wholeness of the student. The teacher serves as a reminder and mirror until the student remembers his or her true nature. Enlightenment occurs when that light shines freely. This is the realization (making real) of Yoga.

I have had the profoundly good fortune to study with many amazing teachers, and as that light was shone upon and ignited within me, I have been graced with the chance to do the same for the incredible students I am blessed to serve. It is a sincere honor to delve deeper into the teachings and practices of yoga with students everywhere.