Rooted in Seva

Seva is Sanskrit for “selfless service,” service without expectations for reward or self gain.  The Rooted in Seva class is themed around this simple concept.  Those choosing the seat of the teacher do so with sincere humility and reverence, with the intention only to share with the student their knowledge of yoga as it lives within them.  Because we alternate among a variety of devoted teachers, the classes are not organized according to a single element, speed, or style, but will always serve all levels of students.  We ask that you simply show up, without any expectations, and receive the teachings of the teacher that day. This class is donation based, adhering to selfless service, with all proceeds going toward facility costs at Root (lights, water, toilet paper, candles), thus supporting the very basic needs, the roots, of our community space.  Those unable to give donations in dollars should know that your conscious presence is all that is asked.  So, Show Up! We would be honored to share yoga with You.
All Seva teachers have completed the RootEd 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and our service to Root Center grows from the roots nourished by our teacher, Jessica Patterson.  She IS the fuel for Our fire.