Yoga Therapeutics with Alesia

Yoga Therapy is the application of the principles and practices of Yoga to promote health and well-being for an individual.  It is the process of assessing current conditions within the mind, body, and breath and utilizing tools of pranayama (breath work), mudra (gestures of hands/body), asana (movement of physical body), mantra (sound), meditation (focus), Ayurvedic principles, and arguably most importantly, discussion and held space within sacred community.

Traditionally, the therapeutic process is designed to be between teacher and student, one on one.

Yoga Therapeutics with Alesia is designed to create the conditions for the tools of yoga to be explored in a larger group so that students may be able to learn self assessment techniques and experience guided practices within community that may be applied in their daily lives.

Class sequence will shift each class depending on who shows up, the weather, the change in season, the climate of current events because life is guaranteed to change and Yoga and Ayurveda teach to this principle.

Currently we are scheduled to meet every other Wednesday evening, beginning March 06, 2024 from 715pm-830pm. You may register for class without a class credit in your account.  Classes are donation based and a class pass may be used as your donation.

Show up exactly as you are.