Alesia Jacobsen

Alesia Jacobsen

Alesia took her first hatha yoga class in 1998. She stepped into this class while trying to quit smoking and to be able to breathe better in the Colorado altitude. She remembers her legs shaking, a lot, while being seated in a simple forward bend. This seemed to be one of the easiest “exercises” she ever tried but it shook up and woke up the yogini deep inside!

Alesia’s search took her from a more gentle practice right in to the hot, hot world of Bikram classes. Initially it felt good, but long term she knew this would not sustain her practice. This is when she met her teacher, Matthew Lessard, who is practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and who studied in India with Sri K. Pattabi Jois. Matthew encouraged her to give the practice of igniting the fire within a try. Sure enough, strict vinyasa (intentionally linking intention with breath and action) allowed for the strength in breath and body to really ignite the fire of her own Self study.  She practiced with Matthew for six years.

Alesia then became a mother. The art and practice of creation was an entire teacher in itself. During her pregnancies she had the great honor to practice under the tutelage of Marie Louise-See. Marie’s gentle spirit and nurturing love guided Alesia through two pregnancies.

After her second pregnancy, Alesia met Jessica Patterson while she was teaching yoga in the park in Manitou Springs. Immediately she knew that Jessica was an amazing teacher who taught with integrity and her entire heart. Alesia continued to take Jessica’s classes and eventually decided to Root into the teachings and studied with Jessica for a six-month intensive 230 hour RYT training from November 2012-May 2013.

Alesia has attended many workshops under the teachings of Mark Whitwell, Matthew Sanford, Jeannie Manchester, Jenny Finn, Manorama, Michele Lawrence and Sharon Gannon. Alesia continues her work as a student as well as a teacher by igniting the fires of her practice every day. Alesia also teaches a weekly donation community based class in Green Mountain Falls.

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