Katharine Grace

Katharine Grace is fun loving, compassionate, and adventurous. Her biggest passion in life is serving the well-being of all living beings. Whether this be humans, plants, or animals, Katharine wants to help them all thrive in their highest life potential of joy, love, vitality, and peace!

As a young girl, Katharine began her exposure to the practices of Yoga when her mother brilliantly thought it would help ease her fear and assist her in sleeping at night. As a teenager riddled with anxiety, she started re-introducing these practices by watching YouTube videos of western Yoga teachers and began cultivating tools of mindfulness and deep listening, which allowed Katharine to ease the various symptoms of her anxiety.

It was from then on that she realized the importance of alternative healing methods, and how vital they are to one’s overall health.

With her passion for Yoga only deepening, Katharine received her first 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in 2019, in San Diego, California. After soul-searching and exploring the great beauties of her own backyard, by traveling the U.S. while living in a campervan, she landed here with the intention to dive deeper into study and practice with the true roots of Yoga. Now, she’s enrolled in her second teacher training, through Root, where she is learning so much more than she could have imagined about the history, philosophy, language, teachings, practices and purpose of Yoga.

With her passion for this ancient holistic healing method growing more and more every moment, Katharine aims to bring to you various tools that you can use in your daily life in order to maintain a state of well-being on all levels, no matter what gets stirred around you or within you.

Outside of exploring Yoga, Katharine’s joy gets sparked most through dance, permaculture, art, roadtrips, deep connection with others, and being active or still in the midst of nature.

You can connect with Katharine on instagram @puregracehealing, or through her website www.puregracehealing.com.

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