LIVE STREAM Yoga Nidra-First Friday of the Month

Yoga nidra translates to "yoga sleep.” It's a process, a meditation, to awaken to your true nature. Yoga nidra systematically relaxes the body and mind and guides you into deep awareness. You are aware and awake, but you experience a disidentification from the body and mind. Yoga Nidra helps relieve stress and tension, and helps  … Read more

upRootEd II: The UNtraining

The Context: On the Field of Dharma If you are familiar with The Bhagavad Gita, you know that the reluctant warrior, Arjuna, succumbs to a great existential unraveling on the battlefield. His will paralyzed, his confusion about which way to go so utterly overwhelming, the greatest warrior sinks into despair. To his charioteer, Krishna, he laments,  … Read more

Mudra 101

Mudras have been kept as a sacred secret for ages. It is time to explore subtle ways of healing and integrating all possible tools we can to clear pranic pathways, trigger the innate intelligence and allow one to be established in Self. Mudra therapy is primarily rooted in sankhya darshana and marma.

Marma points in Surya Namaskara

Marma points are the bridge between the subtle and the physical body. By studying Marma we realize the three divine wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra within our body.

Pranayama Basics – Breath practices for dawn and dusk

Prana is the constant river of life itself. When we learn how to tap into it, we experience the expansion of prana as energy, enthusiasm, health and its consolidation as focus, concentration and meditation.